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Posted 2019-09-25 4:39 PM (#15335)
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I now open this USSVI BOD’s teleconference to address a proposal received from WR Director Jim Denzien asking for an approval to establish a new district in the northwestern portion on his region. All of you have been sent and should have read his proposal by now.

Since we are here to address only one item, I will dispense with the invocation, pledge and other normal opening formalities in order to save time, Attendees: John Markiewicz, Les Altschuler, Pete Juhos, Steve Bell, Ken Nichols, Tom Williams, Skip Turnbull, Michael Bircumshaw, Paul Hiser, Jim Denzien, Mike Williamson, Vic Van Horn, Robert Morgan, Brian Bell, Joe Tarcza

I have also asked our Magazine Editor Michael Bircumshaw to tune-in so he will get the information needed to make any necessary corrections or additions to our American Submariner on a first hand basis.

Please hold any comments or questions until we have a motion in place and enter the discussion stage of the motion.

I also ask that you mute your individual phones to hold down the background noise. Just remember to unmute it before you attempt to talk.

The request that was submitted consists of the following:

 Establishing a new district in the WR which will be known as WR District 8 consisting of 4 presently established Bases

 The reason for the request is an attempt to remedy an excessive mileage and geographical location problem that exist in this northwestern area, where two of our bases (Trout and Harder) have never received a visit from anyone outside of their Base level.

 It will impact 4 bases and 3 Districts o Hawkbill Base will be moved from WD7 to the new WD8 o Boise and Trout will be moved from WD3 to the new WD8 o Harder will be moved from WD2 to the new WD8

 WD 3 will go from 4 bases to 2

 WD 2 will go from 4 bases to 3

 WD7 will go from 6 bases to 5

 All of the principals involved have been notified and are in agreement.

 Hawkbill Base member (Secretary and Treasurer) Retired MC Robert Morgan has been contacted by Jim Denzien and has agreed to assume the position as the new WD8 DC. o His appointment does not need the BOD’s approval under the present C&BL guidelines.

With that being said, I now ask for a motion to approve WR Director Jim Denizen’s proposal to establish a new D8 in his region.

Les Altschuler made a motion to establish WR D8. John Markiewicz seconds the motion.

I now have a motion and a second to approve WR Director Jim Denizen’s proposal to establish a new D8 in his region and the floor is open for discussion. Steve Bell mentioned that we would not be able to update the Website with the new District information as none of the Board has authorization to do so. Wayne has contacted Ken VeArd and Tom Meely to get approval for Steve or the officers to be authorized to update the website.

The discussion phase is closed, and I will call each of the BOD voting members names asking for your Yes or No votes. John Markiewicz-----Yes Ken Nichols-----Yes Steve Bell--------------Yes Tom Williams---Yes Paul Hiser--------------Yes Jim Denzien------Yes Les Altschuler---------Yes

We have received sufficient Yes votes to approve the proposal.

Jim and the DC’s involved – make it happen.

Since we have a good number of the WR’s leadership online, I have a couple of comments to make before we adjourn.

1. It appears the Trout Base officers are failing to respond to any attempted communication from not only their DC and RD but national as well. They only have 12 members listed on the website with 4 members holding all of the base leadership positions.

Jim, I am asking for you to get together with the new DC and find out what their problem is and make whatever corrections are necessary to remedy this lack of response. There was a problem getting Trout Base to submit their End of Year Report. This has been an ongoing problem with them for a very long time, if you encounter any problems, get back to me and I will intervene from the National level. Do not procrastinate on this. Make it a priority.

2. What is the status on the Wahoo Base(28)?

Pete Juhos reported that the Base has established a dissolution date for the end of this year. There are 3 members holding all the positions of the base. The base has 28 members many of which are in a very senior status or live out of state members. Also, Base Commander is moving and has indicated he will transfer to Farragaut Base. Wayne asked Pete to contact each base member and offer the option to transfer to another base or to MAL status. Joe Tarcza suggested that he contact each District Commander in the Western to announce the new District alignment and the new District Commander for WRD 8 by phone. He found that it is important for the remainder of the District to hear the decision from the Regional Director.

Since no other business was scheduled other than this one item, I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to join us today. Have a great week and I look forward to your participation in the regularly scheduled BOD’s teleconference which will take place on October 19th at 12 noon Central Time. A notice listing agenda items and a request for additional items will be sent out to each of you during the first week of October.

The meeting is adjourned at 1230, September 23, 2019.
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